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Switchcpoint enables in-store non-card transactions

- a retail grade payment solution

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Faster and integrated transactions at the till

Switchpoint’s platform enables merchants to offer a smooth clerk assisted in-store non-card transaction flow by using the customer’s mobile device. It uses one a static QR code per till, so there is no requirement for hardware, batteries or cords.

The typical applications for Switchpoint could be account-to-account payment schemes, crypto currency apps, ID based credit schemes, gift cards, CBDC, loyalty programs, digital receipt mobile apps, and electronic IDs.


Let's get your payment scheme accepted in store.

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What's needed?

Three main components are needed to enable a smooth in store flow transactions or information transfers:

1.    A widespread or at least easily accessible app that securely identifies the consumer directly of via any form of secure authentication.

2.    An online point-of-sale station, mobile/tablet device, or equivalent hardware

3.    The Switchpoint platform including one unique identifier per point-of-sale station, meaning a sticker with a battery less and cordless NFC tag or a static QR-code


Dead simple UX that ads a backup to card terminals

The process for the consumer is simple: 

1.    Open the transaction app
2.    Scan the identifier tag, i.e. NFC tag 
3.    Approve the transaction in app

One of the main benefits for the merchant is to have an additional payment method used as a backup during outages or consumer’s lack of card funds.

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POS Integration

With Switchpoint's very simple Restful API, the POS provider integrates in a couple of hours, and each merchant is configured instantly.

Merchant administration, tags (or QR codes) are handled either by a web interface or APIs, as preferred by the POS provider.

"We make it easy for payment schemes to be accepted IRL" 

Erik Afzelius, CEO

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