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API Documentation

Switchpoint is a mobile connectivity platform that enables mobile devices to asynchronously connect to host application via passive NFC tags. A mobile device is regarded as client and the host is most commonly any kind of back-end service.


The SwitchPoint tags are designed and distributed by Ifdef for solution providers. Host and client applications can subscribe to SwitchPoint tags to create data channel between them when applicable.

The following documentation describes the API and flow of the SwitchPoint mobile connectivity platform.

Host API - Authentication

In order to interact with the SwitchPoint api, an authentication token is needed in the header of all requests. The token is distributed by Ifdef.

To call an endpoint you need to add the following headers:

GET /sp/v2/<endpoint> HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Bearer <token> Host:

Make sure to replace <token> with your API key.

To use the Switchpoint API the following headers must be added to every API call.

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